• Energy Efficient

    Boom is mined with low-power hard drives instead of high-power CPU, GPU and ASIC.

  • More decentralized

    Boom is an cryptocurrency based on POC , and you can get a proper disk easily.The block size is only 0.175MB, that anyone can participate in.

  • Infinitely Scalable

    Boom is an cryptocurrency for implementing smart contracts, that anyone can create their own rules.

  • Efficient Transaction

    The current blockchain TX capacity of Boom is 80 TpS, but this is not the ultimate ceiling.


Global Nodes



  • Smart Contract The smart contract can be used in your business or digital applications to avoid hacking or modification by a hacker.

  • Asset Exchange You can create your own projects on Boom. Boom Asset Exchange provides secure and direct point-to-point transactions.

  • Marketplace Marketplace allows you to list items for sale and sale them on blockchain。

  • Crowdfunding BOOM Crowdfunding allows you to quickly create decentralized crowdsourcing funds and easily donate.

  • Arbitrary Messages You can send public or encrypted messages to any Boom account

  • Alias System Alias system can be mapped to the account, URL or other data and can be sold to other users.



  • Power consumption per transaction

    Power consumption is 1/410,000 of Bitcoin.

    0.0024 KWH

  • Block size

    1/6 it of Bitcoin. Anyone can use less time and space to store all block data.

    0.175 MB


Technology Roadmap

  • Cross-Platform Mobile Wallet

    It aims to develop a cross-platform wallet supporting mobile devices, including iOS and Android.

  • Plugin System

    Plugin system enables third-party software developers to provide more features for the Boom client.

  • Data Storage

    Real-world data, like movies, audio, Wikipedia archive files, OpenStreetMap GIS data and more.

  • TPS Improvement

    Lightning Network (LN) meets the demand of real-time and high-capacity micro-payment, which is an optional scheme to improve TPS.

  • Anonymous Transaction

    During anonymous transactions, zk-SNAK and Ring Signature have respective advantages and disadvantages, and both are optional anonymous schemes.






Technical Parameters

  • 210 Million

    Total supply

  • 5.0%


  • 5.0%


  • 90%

    Miners mining

  • 240 Sec

    Block Time

  • 0.175 MB

    Block size

  • 80 TPS

    Initial TPS

  • 4 Years

    Halving cycle



  • What is the trading upper limit of Boom? + Currently, the blockchain TX of Boom can reach 80 TPS, but this is not the ultimate ceiling. After all, Boom’s block size is only 0.175M. We can adjust the block size to 1M at any time to own 480TPS, or 32M like Bitcoin Cash to own 14000TPS. But we are more likely to have smarter and more scalable solutions than that in the foreseeable future.

    Is there any difference between Boom mining and Burst? + Burst is an excellent project which pioneers POC mining. Boom mining is the same with burst. However, it adds mining conditions, which makes Boom’s economic model more perfect. At present, every T needs to mortgage 30 Boom to obtaine 95%, otherwise only 20% earning will be obtained.

    When will Boom be open source? + The core team is debugging the Boom code. We will open the source code when the system is more stable. Boom has borrowed Burst smart contract, asset issuance, crowdfunding and various features. I am looking forward to the explosive development of Boom after opening the source.

    How to activate Boom account? + The new Boom account is secure, but only being activated on blockchain using a public key, can the complete security be guaranteed. Some merchants and exchanges will not trade with the account not being activated. After you trade with the wallet for the first time, the account will be automatically activated. If you do not have funds in your account, how do you make outbound transactions? This is easy with the help of the friendly Boom community. After installing the wallet software and acquiring your account, you need to request some Boom from the community to activate your wallet.